6-Space Bookcase Set in Pine with Stain Finish

$788.00 + tax & delivery

76 ¼” high x 48” wide x 9 ¾” deep

Comprised of two individual, face-framed bookcases, each at 24” wide, and a unifying, detachable crown. Fixed shelves for spaces at 11” high each, with the bottom two spaces made a little bit taller to accommodate larger books. Base is cut on a small angle so that the case leans back ever-so-slightly. Inside, usable shelf depth at 9". Hand-finished with gel brown stain and one coat of wax. Crafted from solid pine. Stocked in pine with a gel brown stain and available made-to-order in custom dimensions, wood species, and finishes. Crown adds 2” to listed height of bookcases.