Thirty years on, we continue to build bookcases that are strong, durable, and elegant in their simplicity.

Standard and Custom
We offer bookcases in a variety of standard and custom sizes. For bookcases we keep in stock, please visit our At Our Showroom page. For our made-to-order standard sizes and pricing, please see the following PDFs:

PRICE LIST - Cherry, Maple, & Oak Bookcases

PRICE LIST - Pine Bookcases

PRICE LIST - Pine Bookcase Finishing Charges


Please note: cherry, maple and oak bookcases are finished with a natural oil and wax by default; pine bookcases are unfinished by default.

For more information on custom or built-in bookcases, please visit our Custom + Built-in page. For lead times, please reach out to us at either one of our showrooms.

Shelves are held in place by dado joints and secured with screws. Edge banding and face-frames are glued and clamped by hand. The bottom of freestanding bookcases are shaved so that the bookcase leans back ever-so-slightly. Bookcases can also be affixed to the wall during delivery.

We're proud to finish all of our work by hand. Our default finish on cherry, maple, oak, or walnut is three coats of Danish oil and one coat of wax. Our pine bookcases are unfinished by default. We can also stain our bookcases a variety of colors, match existing stains, and paint. 

We work in a variety of domestic hardwoods, including cherry, maple, oak and walnut. We also work in pine. Our hardwood bookcases are crafted from a combination of solid lumber and high-grade plywood veneer; our pine cases from solid Western Ponderosa pine. The backs of our bookcases are unfinished by default. A finished back must be specifically requested.