We're proud to be among the few woodworkers who still finish their work by hand. Though labor-intensive, we believe that hand-rubbing our oils and stains results in a superior finish. Machine-sprayed finishes leave the wood looking and feeling like plastic; hand-finishing, by contrast, allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

On our hardwoods, our default finish is three coats of Danish oil and one coat of wax. Pieces in pine are unfinished by default. A variety of stains is available on both hardwood and pine made-to-order pieces. We are happy to match the finish on existing woodwork, and we offer paint finishes in various colors, as well.  



The emphasis in our joinery is always strength and durability. For our bookcases and cabinetry, we use the time-tested dado groove. We assemble these joints using screws (not nails). The result is a sturdy shelf that will never bow or twist. For our other woodwork, we use a variety of additional traditional and semi-traditional joinery methods.



We work primarily in cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and pine. We can also work in other domestic hardwoods by request.